Family Emergency Supply Checklist

Family Emergency & Earthquake Supply Checklist & Calculator

Download your 15-page comprehensive disaster preparedness report for your family. It covers everything that may happen in a major disaster.

    Make sure you've got everyone covered in your preparation, including your pets.

Chances are a major earthquake while you are at home. While the home is the most preferred place to be during an earthquake,

The items below will prepare your family to be able to respond and survival to the disaster that a major earthquake may cause. 

[title title=”Family Survival Kit”]

What it is for:

Be prepared to perform first aid treatment on minor and life-threatening injuries that a disaster may cause.

This kit includes the same first aid supplies that you will see on fire truck and ambulance.

A gas leak is a major cause of fire and explosions. Everyone in the family needs to know where the gas meter is and how to shut it off.

This kit includes a Pry Bar/Gas Shut Off Tool.

Power and transpiration will also be affected in a major earthquake, this means that there will be a food supply shortage and gas/electric cooking will not be available. You need to prepare for non-cook food or alternative cooking method.

This kit includes 4 Food Bar (provides 3 days of food for 4 persons)

Earthquakes may cause long power outages, so you need an alternative light source at night time.

This kit includes 4 lightsticks and a 1 hand crank flashlight/radio/cell phone charger.

[title title=”Water Barrel Package”]

What it is for:

A major earthquake will cause damage to your underground water system, this will leave you without running water.

This is a 55 gallon Water Barrel with 5 year shelf-life will be a good source of drinking water, for hygiene, cooking and for cleaning.

[title title=”Sanitation Kit”]

What it is for:

Another problem due to water interruption and structural damage is your bathroom.

This kit will let you give you a decent toilet facilities.

[title title=”Fire Extinguisher”]
Fire Extinguisher

Available on Local Stores

What it is for:

Following a large-scale earthquake, fires will be numerous and spread quickly. All fires start small. The best defense is an ABC fire extinguisher.
Can Goods and Stove

Available on Local Stores

What it is for:

In case of no power and gas supply.
Plan to eat first the food from the refrigerator, then the freezer, then the pantry.
[title title=”Family Tent”]
Family Tent and Bag

Available on Local Stores

What it is for:

In case of structural damage
You may be forced to live outside. Buy sleeping bags and look for a tent that is big enough for your family. It’s also good to have an additional tent for your supplies.
[title title=”Car Survival Kit”]

What it is for:

Car accidents and gridlock are expected to occur in a major earthquake, don’t get caught unprepared, carry emergency supplies in your car.

This kit includes food, water, and first aid supplies.

What it is for:

Don’t become trapped in your own car in an accident.
[title title=”Pet Survival Kit”]

What it is for:

Don’t forget your pets. This kit includes extra water, pet food and first aid supplies.
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